Lambert Lecture on Transgenderism

RTS Charlotte’s counseling department has just made Heath Lambert’s address on Transgenderism and Transformational Christianity available in its entirety. I’d encourage you to carve out some time and listen to the clearest teaching you can find on the shared structure of Christian and transgender claims. One point I appreciate most from Lambert’s address is the … More Lambert Lecture on Transgenderism

What Are People Asking About Transgenderism?

This past week RTS Charlotte hosted an EQUIP seminar with Dr. Heath Lambert. Dr. Lambert’s address was titled “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity”. He did a masterful job of outlining how both the historic Christian understanding of sexuality and pro-transgender  understanding share three common features: an authority, a morality, and a desire to convert others … More What Are People Asking About Transgenderism?

A Plea to Professors: Please Don’t Ban Computers in Your Class

The tide turned against using computers in class during my time in seminary. Behind the weight of a handful of studies that demonstrated better retention by students who handwrite notes verses students who type notes, an increasing number of professors are discouraging or outright banning the use of tablets and notebooks within their classrooms. Today … More A Plea to Professors: Please Don’t Ban Computers in Your Class

Charlotte Bound

Kate and I will see a new chapter of our lives begin on August 1. I have accepted a position at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC as the Coordinator for Christian Counseling. This position essentially encompasses academic administration, student care, and recruitment for the M.A. of Christian Counseling.  I find myself surprised when I think … More Charlotte Bound