What Are People Asking About Transgenderism?

This past week RTS Charlotte hosted an EQUIP seminar with Dr. Heath Lambert. Dr. Lambert’s address was titled “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity”. He did a masterful job of outlining how both the historic Christian understanding of sexuality and pro-transgender  understanding share three common features: an authority, a morality, and a desire to convert others to their viewpoint. Hopefully the video will be released shortly.

The second half of the evening consisted of Dr. Lambert answering written questions that were submitted by the audience. We did not have nearly enough time to address every question that was written but the questions that were submitted are interesting in and of themselves. I post them here  as they’re representative of the kind of things congregations (and the culture at large) are asking about a topic that has only recently become something the church must think through.

Seminar Questions

How should the church minister to and counsel people who are born intersex (i.e. with biological markers of both male and female anatomy)?

To what extend does a Christian response to transgenderism depend upon knowing and addressing the causes of gender dysphoria?

You say, “Jesus changes people. It’s what he does. It’s his thing.” But I’ve prayed for my gender dysphoria to go away because it creates so much pain. And nothing has changed. What do you say to people like me? What is there to take away my pain?

You mention 2 groups – those who support transgenderism and those who support biblical Christianity. But what about the large number of Christians and churches who say God is their authority and yet support transgenderism? What do you say to this segment of Christians?

How do you know history is right on transgenderism? To question a transgender person seems a bit judgmental. Wouldn’t it be better if science is used to make that determination?

God created “perfect” man and woman. Since the fall humans no longer are born with perfect bodies. Is transgenderism a faulty genetic code (“nature”) or a result of life experiences (“nurture”)?

If a transgender person is brought to faith and is repentant, do you counsel them towards change in their self-perception or towards a godly resignation?

Why do you think there is so much attention to this issue when transgender individuals comprise so small a percentage of the population?

What are the differences between the philosophical rationale for homosexuality and transgenderism?

Is transgenderism a mental illness? A 20% suicide rate exists post-gender reassignment surgery.

Is a butch lesbian a transgendered male?

What do you say to a trans person that claims to be a Christian?

How does one show love to transgender people while holding to the word of God?

How do we think about transgender family members living in the home?

What verses would you share with a transgendered person?

Is there a valid reason to allow a child to cross-dress and change their name?

How do you see the transgender agenda being forced on the church in the future? How should the church prepare for that now?

What policies should a church seek to write to protect itself and are there guides out there to help in this matter?

Are transgendered individuals the “new eunuchs” in the 21st century?

Is gender confusion sinful in itself? At what point does dysphoria become sinful?

In Colossians 1:19-23 God tells us that our image is fully reconciled through Christ and he sees us in our intended form. Therefore, since Christ has reshaped our image, how do sexuality and gender matter and contribute to our image?

I am a sinner, I am a Christian, I continue to sin. But I repent as the Holy Spirit convicts – can a trans-gender person be a Christian?

There is no data to back up fear of transgender people using bathroom matching gender identity, so how do we help Christians reconcile their fears?


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