9 Ways to Counsel Sub-Biblically

Biblical counseling fundamentally seeks to connect theology to the human heart. As a theological discipline, our source of good counsel is the Scriptures. Every counselor and counselee has a different personality and that means that no two counseling situations will look the same. Whatever texture the counseling takes on, its faithfulness ultimately depends on if … More 9 Ways to Counsel Sub-Biblically

Beware the Counseling “Spectrum”

Earlier this week a student and I started talking about ideological spectrums. You know the chartĀ – the neat little rainbow-shaped diagram with a left, right, and happy middle. Our minds are often conditioned to think that whatever particular idea resides within the centerĀ of a spectrum is the truth. “I don’t want to be an extremist” … More Beware the Counseling “Spectrum”